It Is Not Fat, It’s Bloat

It Is Not Fat, It’s Bloat

Is it bloating, or is it belly fat? For years some of us have been complaining about fat one day, and suddenly it’s gone the next. That my friends is called temporary bloating, not fat.

How do I tell belly fat from bloat?

Belly fat, or any other fat is soft, persistent and does not suddenly go away. It does not cause flatulence. It provides little resistance if poked.

Bloat is a condition of carrying extra air in the stomach or it is water retention. In the case of water retention, the water will be dissipated by increased urination. Abdominal bloating from gas may cause a firm stomach and cramps. It is relieved by belching, possibly by vomiting, or relief comes when the bloated person passes gas.

Why am I always so bloated?

Bloat occurs as a response to what you eat. It is relieved by flatulence or belching. Bloating can be from overeating, or from particular foods. Foods that are slow to pass through the colon ferment, producing abdominal discomfort and gas. Incidences of bloating decrease when you do not over eat.

What are the common causes of bloat?

Overeating is a common cause of bloat. Eating high fiber foods can cause bloat and gas, especially when you first begin eating high fiber. Various allergies and sensitivities cause bloat as well. Common irritants may be lactose containing foods, gluten in your foods, or even chemicals in your food. If you are being tested for lactose intolerance or gluten sensitivity it is important to have those foods in your system when the test is run. You can try an exclusion diet to see if it helps. Remove all potential allergens for a period of two weeks then add them back in one at a time to see what produces gas and bloating.

How do I deal with the bloat?

If you are bloated and need immediate relief, drink a carbonated beverage. Belching can relieve stomach gas. Peppermint is effective either in the form of mints or peppermint tea. Warm lemon water can help you pass excess fluids that cause bloating. Loosen your waist band and take a leisurely walk.

In the future if your bloating is not caused by allergy or sensitivity, you can prevent bloat by eating smaller portions of milder foods. Reduce the salt in your foods so that you will not retain fluids. Eat foods like yogurt and kefir that have probiotics. Even sauerkraut has these good bacterial Eat probiotic or fermented foods daily. If you cannot do this you may take a probiotic supplement.

Bloat is not fat, and requires good eating habits to keep it away.

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